Ranking Tool Instructions

1. Add your URL
Add your URL by clicking the ‘Enter New URL’ button. Follow the simple steps to complete the form. After successful submission, your URL will be listed in the Ranking Tool Page.

2. Perform an organic search on other’s URL and click the correct link in the search engine results page.
To start working on the tool, choose a URL from the list in Ranking Tool Page, do not go straight to the website of the chosen URL. Search for the URL in Google search instead. For instance, you chose www.abc.com , in the Google search text box, type ‘abc.com website’, Google will show a list of results. Click on the correct result to visit the chosen URL. (with this you are improving the ‘Sessions with search’ , ‘Pageviews’ , ‘Unique Pageviews’ and ‘Click Through Rate’ in Google Analytics)

3. Spend some time in the website 
Navigate around the website (at least 3 pages) and spend at least 2 minutes on every page. (With this you are improving the ‘Results Pageview / Search’ , ‘Bounce Rate’ , ‘Pages / Session’ , ‘Avg. Time on Page’ , ‘Avg. Session Duration’ in Google Analytics).

4. Leave comments 
Leave comments on the posts you find interesting. (With this you improve overall engagements by users)

5. Leave a message to the URL’s owner (in the ‘Post your answer’ text box ), notifying :

♦ if  you have organically searched for his/her website in Google search
♦ how much time you spent on each page
♦ how many pages have you visited
♦ in which posts you have left your comments
♦ remind the URL’s owner to do the same for you.

6. Revisit websites
Revisiting websites is important. Revisit websites and leave the same message as in item 5 above. (This indicates to Google that the website is reliable and therefore users are revisiting the same website for more information)

7. Vote if you like the website you visited.

8. When your website is being visited by others
When your website is being visited, you will receive a message/answer notifying you on the information as stated in item 5 above. To reciprocate the effort, click onto the contributor’s name listed in the ‘Posted by’ box (please see picture below). The contributor’s URL will be listed. Click onto the URL, visit the website and leave a message as stated in item 5 when you are done.
Kickstartdream Ranking Tool

We urge all users to be sincere and honest when using this tool. This is a Ranking Tool that will certainly have a significant impact in improving your ranking. Have fun and great success !!!