Focus on what matters most - backlinks.

Focus On What Matters Most

The amount of information we get online can be overwhelming. A lot of internet marketing beginners are in a deadlock ...
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How to create quality backlinks.

How got 600,000 monthly visitors in 6 months was launched in October 2015. In April 2016, they were getting more than 600,000 organic (free) visitors per month ...
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Choosing a niche.

Don’t start with a wrong niche

You want a niche that has the potential to achieve your financial goal. Unless you are doing it as a ...
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CHAPTER 9 : Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the ranking or visibility of a website on organic ("natural" or ...
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Social media for making money online.

CHAPTER 8 : Boost traffic with social media

Why social media? Before your site is ranked on the first page in search results, social medium is your best ...
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CHAPTER 7 : Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools

Sign-up to both Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. The process is pretty simple. Get it done and come back ...
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How to promote your website.

CHAPTER 6 : How to promote your website

This chapter will cover some of the more advanced techniques for promoting your website, post or content. The most successful ...
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CHAPTER 5 : Creating quality content

Imagine yourself browsing through a search result. Now think of how do you decide whether to read a webpage or ...
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Use keyword research to earn money online

CHAPTER 4 : Keyword research

Keywords are the words and phrases in your content that are used to make it possible for people to find ...
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Website designing to earn money online.

CHAPTER 3 : Creating a website from scratch

Choose a domain name. To make it easy to understand, a domain name is your online address, for example : ...
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Choosing a niche

CHAPTER 2 : Choose a niche

A niche is a specific topic, category or segment your website / blog will revolve around. Almost anything you can ...
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CHAPTER 1 : Earning money online

We have all fantasized of : earning handsome amount of money while having enough time to spend with our loved ...
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Making money online

How about make money online

How about make money online About six years back, I was having a drink with a very good friend, discussing ...
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How to earn extra money

How to earn extra money Building your own website Building your own website can lead to a very profitable online ...
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How to be great in life

How to be great in life Let's first define "Success" Before we learn about how to be great in life, ...
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