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Forming Strategic Alliances To Improve Google Ranking

Obtaining more backlinks from relevant, quality and reputable websites is the most direct way to improve Google Ranking. By forming strategic alliances, we can improve Google ranking. The strategy here is to form a group consists of members with quality website that are within the same niche category. Members will exchange effort to build backlinks, the correct way.  

1. Form an elite group with people from the same niche category
First you need to form a group inviting people who share the same niche category. For example : your niche is ‘losing weight’ and ‘losing weight’ falls in the ‘Health’ niche category. Invite website owners who share the same niche category ‘Health’, for examples : nutrient, body building, healthy diet, essential oil, healthy cooking recipe, exercise, healthy lifestyle, organic food etc. Please be picky in choosing your members, choose good authors, reliable people and people with good quality website. 

2. Plan how to build authority for your page
Now that you’ve got the correct members in placed, you need to plan how to build authority for the page you want to promote (be patient, concentrate on one page at a time). The idea is to have as many relevant and quality backlinks from other members’ website pointing to that particular page. A powerful way to do it is to exchange guest. To exchange guest post, you create a content (that relates to both your niche and the other member's niche) to be posted in that member's website. In that guest post, put a link pointing back to your page. The other member will do the same and post in your website.

3. Exchanging Guest Posting With Other Members
Plan how many guest posts you want to create and select the members within your group. Remember your guest post has to be relevant to both websites' niches. Below are some examples (in-relation to the example above) : ‘How body building can help lose weight’ ‘Healthy cooking recipe that can help you lose weight’ ‘3 top exercises that can help you lose weight fast’ ‘Lose weight fast with healthy lifestyle’ Insert links somewhere in the content pointing back to your page you want to build authority.

4. Inserting Backlinks Into The Guest Posts
Do not stuff the guest posts with too many links, I suggest to put not more than 3 backlinks on each guest post. Remember one important thing, the page you want to promote on your website must not have any link pointing outwards to other website. You want those guest posts you created pointing to your page.

Remember, the more relevant and quality backlinks you obtain, the better it will be for your Google ranking. Best way to do it is to exchange Guest Posts and properly link them up as described above. But if you cannot manage that, build backlinks by leaving your URL after commenting at other members' posts. Please make sure your members have their comment set to 'Do-follow'. If they are set to 'No-follow', then the backlinks will not have any good to your website.

Encourage your members to do the same.

Forming a close-knit group has so many other benefits, there are much more you can do with such a group. We will be discussing more on what can such a group do to benefit its members.

Have fun and great success!!!