Focus On What Matters Most

Focus on what matters most - backlinks.

The amount of information we get online can be overwhelming. A lot of internet marketing beginners are in a deadlock situation, where they do not know what to do, how to prioritize and what to focus on. They continue to look for information, spending tremendous amount of time reading more articles, watching more youtube tutorials and etc,  but not really knowing what to do next.

We want to make it crystal clear to internet marketing beginners, what are the most important areas to focus on and how to get results – the most effective ways. We have to focus on what matters most.

Let’s get one thing straight :


Traffic equals to money.

Be it a legitimate site, gambling site, porn site or any other site, you can’t make money without traffic.


Creating quality content should be your primary focus, but what we want to discuss here is how to drive free/organic traffic from Google.

You could have read a lot of articles on how to rank top on Google, but a lot of them are giving mediocre information. The most effective way to rank high in Google is by building quality backlinks. Please don’t take it from me, do your own research. You can start here by reading information about backlinks from renowned SEO experts : Backlinko and MOZ.

Andrey Lipattsev, the Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google Ireland has confirmed that content and backlinks are the top ranking factors.

Andrey Lipattsev : “It’s content and links pointing to your site.”

Check out the full one-hour long video below. It’s a fascinating watch and also features Rand Fishkin from Moz, Eric Enge from Stone Temple Consulting and Bill Slawski from Go Fish. The key information regarding ranking signals is at the 30 minute mark…



Google treats backlinks as recommendations. To make you understand better, let’s say you own a regular offline business, for instance a restaurant. How can your restaurant or business be trusted by others? How can your restaurant or business have a good rating? How can people trust that your restaurant or business is providing good service and product?

The answer is simple, by recommendations. If a lot of people are giving good recommendations, then your restaurant or business will naturally be trusted by others, rating of your business will increase and people will have better confidence in your service and product.

This concept applies to Google ranking as well, when you have more backlinks (which also means recommendations to Google), then Google will deem that your site is trust-worthy and thus rank your site high. If your competitor has more backlinks than you, then he/she will rank higher.

Let’s take another scenario with the restaurant example, say you have hundreds of good recommendations and you are ranking good. Your competitor has only got one recommendation, but that one recommendation is from somebody famous or influential, for example Oprah Winfrey, then naturally the public will rate your competitor higher than you. The one influential recommendation may worth much higher than hundreds of normal recommendations.

Getting backlinks from authoritative or influential sites (popular sites that are being visited and trusted by many people) may worth much more than hundreds of backlinks from normal sites. Getting backlinks from authoritative sites will be the ideal plan but it is extremely difficult to get one. Just imagine again you are the owner of the restaurant, it will be easier for you to get hundreds of recommendations from the public than to get one recommendation from Oprah.

Therefore we suggest that you focus your time and effort in building quality backlinks (recommendations) because Google uses this as the main factor to determine rankings. You want to have many other websites recommending you to Google, and that is how you can get noticed out of nearly a billion of websites that exist today.

As reported by Found.UK “Ranking without their (backlinks) presence is next to impossible”.

Read the full article here : How Important Are Backlinks As A Ranking Factor?


The best way to build backlinks is to guest post or exchange guest post. By creating your own content (to be posted on someone else’s website), you can have control over the quality of your content. The quality of the content/post where your backlinks are placed is very important, the quality of that content/post also determines the quality of your backlinks. So do not attempt to create low quality or duplicated content just to insert backlinks, that will do more harm than good to your ranking.


Your main focus is to build quality backlinks to drive traffic. You can rank top in Google by utilizing this SEO tactic alone. This has been proven by , they got over 600,000 free/organic monthly visits in just six months after publishing their site, and they were only building backlinks at that time, not utilizing any other SEO tactics. traffic

A quality backlink is :

  • backlink from a relevant content
  • backlink from a quality content
  • backlink from a quality website
  • backlink from a relevant website (similar niche or same niche category)
  • backlink from authoritative websites. Authoritative websites are famous websites that are highly influential in their own respective industry. For examples :,,, etc.

Read ‘The Most Direct & Effective Way To Rank High‘ here.

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