CHAPTER 5 : Creating quality content


Imagine yourself browsing through a search result. Now think of how do you decide whether to read a webpage or not? It’s the headline that attracts you. No matter how good your content is, if your headline sucks, no one will read it. So let’s start this chapter with headlines.


How to create killer headlines.

10 ways you to make killer headlines :

1. Show them the benefit – people enjoy reading articles that can help them in some ways. Use your headline to tell your readers the benefit they can get reading your article. For example : ‘Learn how to write kick-ass resume and quadruple your chances of getting kick-ass jobs’. 

2. Use the common words used by readers – people tend to enter words like ‘how to …’ , ‘list the …’ , ‘the best way to …’ , ‘the fastest way to …’ , ‘the secret to …’ when performing search. So, use them even if they seem played out.

3. Statistics are better than opinion – if you have data that backs up your main point, use it within your headline. For example : ‘87% of employers will want to read resume like this.’

4. Use keywords that attract people and search engines – if you managed to rank on the first page but your headline or tittle is boring and not attractive, you will not get any traffic. So write the headlines for people and also for search engines.

5. Create a sense of urgency – sometimes you want to tell your readers that they only have a short period of time to act on your information, you are more likely to get them to subscribe to your email list or read your article.

6. Leverage laziness – leveraging laziness is another great way to attract people to your page. For example, your headline could start off with ‘the lazy man’s guide to…’ or end with ‘… with the least effort’.

7. Appeal to emotions – touching on emotional feeling within your headline is a great way to attract a reader’s attention. For examples : ‘Tired of your boss?’ , ‘how to feel confident again..’ , ‘Disappointed with your husband?’.

8. Talk about mistakes – people want to know the mistakes made by others hoping that they can avoid them. Headlines capitalizing on mistakes do draw a lot of attention. For examples : ’10 most common mistakes made by interviewees’ , ’15 common mistakes made by startup companies’.

9. Evoke curiosity – when you manage to raise the readers’ eyebrows, you encourage them to click on your page and read your content. For examples : ‘How to make a junk worth more than two million dollars’, ‘You won’t believe how this woman got rich’ .

10.The ‘must’ tactic – this tactic has been used for quite awhile but the effectiveness is still strong. For examples : ‘Must read before starting your own business’ , ‘Don’t start trading in the stock market before you read this’.


High quality content.

What is high quality content

In order to boost SEO rankings and gain traffic, you need to have great content on your page or website.

Google made it very clear that they will reward high quality content. Great content improves your site’s rankings, which can have a very positive impact on your business. Below are the elements of high quality content :

1. Headlines and relevant content – Your content has to be relevant to the headline or tittle. Google understands the meaning of words, knows how the headline and context are related and identifies high quality content. Make sure your content is still within your niche.

2. Text length –  There are lots of different versions of how long or how many words a blog post should be. To strike a balance between SEO ideal length (for ranking purposes) and readers’ ideal length (so that it will not be too boring and lengthy for readers), each page or post should have 1000 to 2000 words.

3. Videos and images – your page can be more engaging by having video and images in it. Webpages with more pictures tend to rank better.

4. Grammar and spelling – when your page is full of grammar and spelling mistakes, Google will degrade your ranking.

5. Readability – Readability is the level to which your page or website are easy to read and understand. To improve your content readability, the main idea is, shortening the sentence length. Trimming out the unnecessary words in sentences, helps a lot in improving readability score.

6. Page formatting – A high quality content is suitable not only for reading, but for scanning and skimming too. About 80% of internet users scan or skim before putting their attention into reading an article. Keep all sentences and paragraphs short. Use H1 or H2 tags for sub-titles, use bold or italics to highlight important information.

7. Professionalism and expertise  – High quality pages or websites need to have enough expertise in their niche to be more authoritative and trustworthy.

8. Social media – Place social media sharing buttons on your page to encourage people to share your information. More social media shares correlate to better ranking.

9. Internal and external link – Pages that rank better generally have good internal link structure. Link to external resources but make sure that they are relevant to your content or Google may penalize your page.

10. Comments – Web pages with high numbers of comments are perceived as high quality. Quality thoughtful comments will help your page rank better while spammy unrelated comments may hurt your ranking.


NB : There are plenty of quality information already exist in the internet. If you are having a hard time writing your page, simply search for five good websites with the content you need, compile and rewrite the information. Do not copy word by word, Google will penalize your page.

Learn how to create quality content, this is one of the most important factors of making money online.

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