Building Quality Backlinks Instructions


1. Go to Build Quality Backlinks Tool, add your URL by clicking the ‘Enter New URL’ button. Follow the simple steps to complete the form. After successful submission, your URL will be listed in the Build Quality Backlinks Tool Page.

2. Search for websites that are relevant to your niche and are publishing quality content. Click on the selected URL and it will take you to that URL’s page.

3. Request to guest post or exchange guest post. Make sure to introduce yourself and your website while requesting for guest post exchange.

4. Reject any guest post or guest post exchange request from irrelevant or low quality website.

When you exchange guest post, it is very important that both parties agree on certain aspects:

  • either party can reject the guest post if the quality of content is not up to expectation
  • minimum word count (I suggest to have a minimum word count of 500)
  • maximum number of backlinks permitted (I suggest not more than 5 backlinks)

Implement this strategy and you will get your pages ranked on the first page. When you have more authoritative pages, the authority of your website as a whole will improve as well. Pages from authoritative websites are ranked high automatically.