CHAPTER 7 : Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools


Sign-up to both Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. The process  is pretty simple. Get it done and come back here for further instructions on how to make use of these tools.

Ok, i assume you have already got Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics setup-ed.

There are many reports that can be generated by Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. For now, we just want to look at four reports that can help us understand the performance of our website and how to improve traffic.


Search Console Report

Search Console Report in Google Analytics is actually generated by Google Webmaster Tools. You will need to set it up first before you can obtain the reports.

First is log into your Google Analytics account and click on your website URL to access to the main dashboard.

Click on the navigation option “Acquisition”, then click on “Search Console (or Search engine optimization)” and then click on “Queries”. You should now see a screen that looks something like this: 

google webmaster tools

Click on “Set up Webmaster Tools data sharing” and you will be guided through the process. The set up is easy and shouldn't take more than a minute or two.

After setting up, again click on the navigation option"Acquisition", then "Search Console (or search engine optimization)", you will be able to access to the three reports that we need : Landing Pages, Countries, Queries.


This report shows all of the keywords that are ranked for, the number of impressions (the number of times any URL from your site appeared in search results), the number of clicks you are getting, your average ranking position and your click-through rate - CTR (the number of clicks that your site receives divided by your site's impression, expressed as a percentage).

seo queries

Note that the data in this report is delayed by two days.

To increase traffic to your site, you need to increase your CTR. Typically CTR is dependent on two factors:

  1. Ranking in search results
  2. How attractive is your tittle

If you manage to rank your post in first page but the tittle is boring and not attracting visitors, your CTR will be very low. What you need to aim for is to get at least 20% CTR for keywords with thousands of impressions monthly.

For keywords with high impressions but low CTR, re-evaluate the tittle and meta description, find a way to make it more interesting for visitors to click in.

Landing Pages

The landing page shows you which of your pages are ranking well, the number of impressions, the number of clicks they are getting, their average ranking position and their average click-through rate CTR.

The landing page will show you your most popular pages first. Pages that have high number of impressions and the low CTR are the pages you should be focusing on. Again you have to make the tittle and meta description to be more interesting to increase the CTR.

Another important information in this report is the "Bounce Rate". The definition of bounce rate is : the percentage of visitors who leave the site after viewing only one page. Bounce rate is one of the important factors of your page ranking. A low bounce rate page tends to rank higher in search results.Search console for making money online

To Google, high bounce rate means that visitors did not find what they are looking for and therefore leave after only viewing one page. Your target is to have bounce rate of below 50%, the lower the better.


This report shows which countries your search engine traffic is coming from.

seo geo summary

This is a very important report because if 80% of your visitors are all from one country, then you may consider to target your site to that one country. If not, then you should target the whole world.

To target your site to just one country, go to Google Webmaster Tools and select your URL, 

If you want to target just one country, log into Google Webmaster Tools and select your website.  Click on "Search Traffic", then "International Targeting", check the box and select the country you want to target.


Decide if you really want to target only one country. If your target is the whole world, translating your website into different languages is a fast way to increase traffic.


Behavior - All Pages


Click on "Behavior", then "Site Content" and "All Pages". This report shows a lot of important information about the pages within your website. It shows the total page views, total unique page views (by new visitors), bounce rate, entrances (how many times a particular page being the first page visitors land on), and exit (how many times a particular page being the last page visitors navigated). With this report you can identify which pages are performing well and which pages are not. You will need to improve the content in pages with high exits and bounce rate.

There are many more reports that will help you to have better insights of your website and further helping you to make money online. So be comfortable navigating through these powerful tools.




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