How got 600,000 monthly visitors in 6 months

How to create quality backlinks. was launched in October 2015. In April 2016, they were getting more than 600,000 organic (free) visitors per month from Google by having most of their keywords ranked .The following report was obtained from traffic

Their performance is simply remarkable, currently they are getting millions of visits. You can check current traffic and rankings through, and

How did they get such tremendous result so quickly? is owned by Hearst Media. Hearst Media is a massive media conglomerate who also owns big brands like Esquire, Elle, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, etc. What Hearst Media did was that they created backlinks in their big branded websites pointing to .

Here is a sampling of their backlinks linking to

  • - "Product Reviews" links to's homepage
  • - "Products Reviews" links to their Tech category
  • - "Beauty Reviews" links to their Beauty category
  • - "Decor Reviews" links to Home category
  • - "Beauty Reviews" to Beauty category
  • - "Decor Reviews" to Home category
  • - "Reviews" to homepage
  • - "Reviews" to Hair category
  • - "Reviews" to Car category
  • - "Product Reviews" to homepage
  • - "Reviews" to homepage
  • - "Product Reviews" to Parenting category
  • etc, etc

I was truly amazed by the amount of organic (free) traffic they got from Google in such short period of time. This strategy has effectively and efficiently boosted rankings and traffic. With this true case study, we know that building backlinks is by far the most effective way to get ranked high and drive traffic. is another example of how backlinks can help rank a site so quickly and effectively is owned by IAC. IAC also owns a big authoritative site - started sometime in february 2016.  They redirected backlinks from (existing backlinks that are already pointing to someother webpages) to pages in By April 2016, is getting a whooping 1.8 million free-organic visits from Google. Their traffic report below is from :

Verywell backlinks.

Building Backlinks Is By Far The Most Effective Way To Improve Rankings.

Backlinko, a trusted and reputable SEO expert, did a research whereby they analyzed 1 million Google search results to answer the following question:
"Which factors correlate with first page search engine rankings?"

Their top key-finding from the research :
"Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor. We found the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor.

Read their full report here.

How to build backlinks.

Be-careful while building backlinks because Google has announced that they will penalize anybody (any website) who try to build manipulative, unnatural or low-quality backlinks. It is vitally important that we only build legit backlinks, therefore we have to focus on building QUALITY BACKLINKS.

Quality Backlinks are defined as:

  • backlinks from relevant content
  • backlinks from quality content
  • backlinks from quality websites
  • backlinks from relevant websites (similar niche or same niche category)
  • backlinks from authoritative websites. Authoritative websites are popular websites that are highly influential in their own respective industry. For examples :,,, etc.

So how do we build legit backlinks?

If a backlink is from a quality and relevant content, then that backlink is a legit one, it is that simple. To make sure that your backlinks are from quality and relevant content, the best way is to guest post on other people's website. A guest post is a blog post you write and to be posted on someone else's website. By doing this, you can control the quality of the content, and the relevancy of that content to your niche.

To guest post on other people's website, you need to ask if the owner of the site allows you to do so. If the owner agrees, he will vet through your content, he may reject posting your content if the quality of the content does not meet his expectation. Another way to do it is to exchange guest posts. Look for people who have the same intention - to build backlinks to improve ranking, ask if they would like to exchange guest posts.

How Some Websites Made It To The Top Without Backlinks From Authoritative Sites

Most of us do not have the privilege of getting such authoritative backlinks like and did. We can still use the same strategy but we will need to work a little harder.

Google treats every backlink as a vote or recommendation to rank a site. Just to make you understand better how Google uses backlinks as a vote or recommendation :

  1. imagine if your product is being recommended by a very influential person, like the President of United States of America, with ONLY his one recommendation, your product will rank first in the market.
  2. if your product is not recommended by any influential person, but are recommended by MANY individuals, your product will rank high as well because the market perceives that your product is reliable, trust-worthy and of high quality.

The above two scenarios correspond to websites as well. If your site gets one authoritative backlink (recommendation from an influential site), your site will rank very high. Or if your site gets a lot of backlinks (a large amount of recommendations), your site will rank very high as well.

The Strategy

To rank high in SERP, you need to build quality backlinks. As stated by Bethany Cornell - ranking without  the presence of backlinks is next to impossible.

"The external links directed back to your own website, known as backlinks, are one of the principal aspects of SEO. The volume and quality of these backlinks help search engines to determine the authority of your site which is a major determinant of where it will be placed in the SERPS for keyword queries. Ranking without their presence is next to impossible." Bethany Cornell.

The strategy is to build QUALITY BACKLINKS :

  1. backlinks from a well written content,
  2. backlinks from content that is relevant to your niche,
  3. backlinks from quality websites, 
  4. backlinks from authoritative websites

The best way to have control on the quality of your backlinks is to guest post. By guest posting, you are in control of the content, topic and how the backlinks are placed in a blog post. Choose quality websites that share similar niche as yours, ask if you can guest post on his/her website, or if he/she is interested in exchanging guest posts. You can find more details on how to build backlinks here.

Because writing content can be time consuming, many may think that they rather write content for their own site rather than guest posting on other people website. This thinking is absolutely wrong because it is better to have few pages/posts that are ranked high than to have hundreds of pages/posts but non of them are ranked well.

Kickstartdream's Ranking Tool

A good place to build backlinks is at Kickstartdream's Ranking Tool. Choose for the right websites to work with, ask if you can guest post on their website or if they are interested in exchanging guest posts. This method is definitely worth the time and effort.

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